Culinary Adventures


Malaysia truly is a land of plenty. The country is endowed with beautiful beaches, invigorating highlands, verdant jungles teeming with flora and fauna, vibrant cities, charming countrysides and a spectrum of colourful cultures.

Malaysia is an amalgamation of three major races, the Malay, Chinese and Indian, as well as a myriad of ethnic groups from Sabah and Sarawak. The potpourri is enriched further with the influence of the Thai, British and Portuguese cultures. This cultural diversity can be seen and experienced in many facets of Malaysian life, from its festivals and celebrations to its splendid array of mouth-watering food.

One interesting way to explore Malaysia is through its food. The culinary journey will give visitors an insight into the lifestyles, cultures and traditions of the people. Eating out is certainly a gastronomic adventure, as the food here ranges from aromatic Malay dishes, delectable Chinese delicacies, to spicy Indian fare. Malaysia offers some of Asia’s finest cuisine, given the wide variety of cooking styles and cultural influences.

Food connoisseurs can rest assured that there are many exclusive restaurants that offer fine dining amidst a charming ambience. Alternatively, eat al-fresco at the open-air food courts. Urban areas abound with fast-food outlets, trendy cafés and delicatessens. In major cities with a cosmopolitan lifestyle such as Kuala Lumpur, visitors will find many restaurants serving international fare.

City Restaurant Cuisine
Kuala Lumpur Atmosphere 360 KL Tower Revolving Restaurant International Buffet
Kuala Lumpur Bijan Bar & Restaurant Traditional Malay
Kuala Lumpur Marini’s on 57 Italian
Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Home Cooking Class Cooking Class (Malay/Lacal/Thai)
Kuala Lumpur Old China Cafe Baba Nyonya
Kuala Lumpur Noble House Chinese
Kuala Lumpur Precious Old China Baba Nyonya
Kuala Lumpur The Ship Restaurant Western
Malacca Capitol Satay Local (Chinese)
Malacca Kedai Kopi Chung Wah Local (Chinese)
Malacca Restoran Peranakan Baba Nyonya
Penang Feringgi Grill Western
Penang Little Kitchen @ Nyonya Baba Nyonya
Penang Matsu at Lone Pine Hotel Japanese
Penang Pickles, Spice and Cooking Cooking Class (Malay/Lacal/Thai)
Penang Suffolk House Western
Penang Three Sixty° Revolving Restaurant and Sky Bar Western
Langkawi Hole in the Wall Langkawi Restaurant & Fishfarm Seafood
Langkawi Nam Restaurant Local/Malay
Langkawi Orchid Ria Seafood Chinese
Langkawi The Pavilion, The Datai Hotel Thai
Langkawi Yellow Cafe Western
Kota Kinabalu Kampung Nelayan Floating Seafood Restaurant Local/Seafood
Kota Kinabalu Chinese/Seafood
Kota Kinabalu Chinese/Seafood
Kota Kinabalu Western
Kota Kinabalu Local

We wish you enjoy the Culinary Journey. Bon Appétit!

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