Restoran Jeti


There are many ways of cooking a perfect dish, the secret in at Restoran Jeti is to combine the freshest local seafood, ingredients and 20 years of cooking experience by their chef.

A crowd puller is none other than a generous platter of crabs. Please have them to prepare it to your liking once you haveve selected your crabs. If you are not fan of crabs, you can opt for White Prawns, Mantis Prawns or Tiger Prawns. Other signature dishes include the HK Style White Clam Soup and King Lobster which you can enjoy raw, baked or cooked with cheese.

If you want fish as part of your feast, try their Sizzling Hot Plate Eggplant, which is deliciously stuffed with fish. To accompany your meals, order the Fried Rice with Salted Fish & Diced Chicken.

Address: No. 138, Gaya Street, 88820 Kota Kinabalu
Tel: (6) 088-264 369
Business hours: Open daily from 11:00am to 10:30pm (Monday to Saturday) and 9:30am to 10:30pm (Sunday)

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