The Ship Restaurant


The Ship gained the reputation of serving The Best Steak In Town, which essentially was the great food, well served under a unique decorative setting and on top of that all prices are value for money. The unique exterior of its restaurant resemble an almost life-size hull of a ship, and on stepping inside one will be impressed with the finely recreated likeness of a sea-going vessel.

Complementing the theme is service provided by captains and crews in maritime uniform. Such is the attraction of The Ship that it is common for foreign visitors of the country to seek its whereabouts. The Ship has, by word of mouth, contributed in making Malaysia a popular tourist destination. This, too, is just another indication of The Ship sailing on to greater heights. If imitation is a form of  flattery, The Ship must be doing something right, because many others have since followed suit with western restaurants sprouting up everywhere.

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