Little India @ Brickfields


Little India of Brickfields is always a bustling street. The colors of the street are simply amazing. You can see vendors lugging bales and bales of sarees through the traffic. You can find sarees of any colors and designs here. Glass bangles too are aplenty. There are even shops which sell traditional Indian candies, savouries, and so on.

Please do not miss on the chance to try the famous banana leave rice. Banana leave rice is rice, vegetables of many kinds, meat and lots of curry served on a banana leave. The meal is not complete until you try to finish your meal with only your hand. This is the way to enjoy banana leave rice. To enjoy it the proper way, you’ll have to do it the Indian way. If you pass by stalls which sells Indian snacks, do not forget to try samosa, vadai and ghulab jamun. If you feel thirsty from all the eating, you can try the famous plain lassi or other flavoured lassi like the mango lassi. Mango lassi is a blend of lassi and fresh mangoes.

Brickfields used to be the main depot of the Malayan Railway during the British occupation. That depot has been transformed into the Kuala Lumpur Central Station (KL Sentral) which is an important hub for public transport users. Close by is the Thean Hou Temple which is a popular place where Chinese couples register their marriage.

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