Hailed as the ‘Gem of the East Coast’, Terengganu is a magical destination steeped in culture and heritage. Its long coastline oers sweeping vistas of aquamarine waters fringed by white powdery sands. Away from the shores lie a cluster of islands that gleam invitingly in the South China Sea. Kuala Terengganu is the charming capital of this state.

Meandering rivers lit by the glow of €reies, cascading waterfalls and sprawling lakes form some of the state’s most impressive natural sceneries.

Home to charming coastal villages and a wealth of traditional crafts, Terengganu beckons with a grace and beauty that is distinctly Malay.

Come and experience the treasures of Terengganu!

Places of Interest:

  • Terengganu State Museum – nestled amidst beautifully landscaped gardens, the museum offers a glimpse into the rich history of the state. It is touted as the largest museum complex in southeast asia, housing fourmain blocks, an adjacent maritime museum and five traditional houses.
  • Pulau Duyong – traditional boat building activities are the main draw of this island. Fine, seaworthy vessels are created by local craftsmen using traditional boat-making methods. the vessels are sold both locally and internationally. Pulau Duyong is also the venue of the monsoon cupterengganu, a prestigious international sailing event.
  • Tengku Tengah Zaharah Mosque – Built in 1994, the mosque showcases a combination of moorish and modern architectural elements. It is dubbed as the‘Floatingmosque’for its unique design. this mosque is built on a submerged platform. When the water level rises during high tide, it creates the illusion of a floating mosque. the tengku tengah Zaharah mosque is situated at the estuary of sungai Ibai, 5km from kuala terengganu.
  • Lang Tengah Island – Hailed as one of terengganu’s best-kept secrets, lang tengah is a smaller, more secluded getaway located between the islands of redang and Perhentian. From the time you arrive, the magic of lang tengah will enchant you – the waters are crystal clear, the view stunningly beautiful and the atmosphere totally peaceful. there are only three resorts on this island, giving visitors total relaxation and lots of privacy. access to this island is via the merang Jetty.
  • Tenggol Island – the well-sheltered bay at Pulau tenggol is home to mature coral gardens, making it a delight for reef lovers. Being the farthest island fromthemainland, the nutrient-rich waters of tenggol are home to a kaleidoscope of colourful corals andmarine life. enjoy a stay at any of the three beach resorts here andmake Pulau tenggol your dreamholiday destination. access to this island is via the kuala Dungun Jetty.
  • Kapas Island – Pulau kapas lies a short distance off the coast of terengganu. a tiny tropical paradise, the island is home to a variety of both hard and soft corals, amongst which reside rich marine life. the island is known for squid fishing at certain times of the year.
  • Gemia Island – Pulau gemia is a privately-owned islandwith a solitary boutique resort. It is the place for a quiet holiday with activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, jungle trekking and beach games.the island is just 15minutes away from the mainland. the jumping-off point is marang Jetty (not to be confused with merang Jetty which is the staging point to Pulau redang).
  • Firefly Sanctuary – take a cruise along sungai yak yah (yak yah river) to view one of nature’s most amazing phenomena. as night falls, the riverbanks turn into a grand theatre where hundreds of fireflies forma symphony of lights. this astounding natural attraction is situated about 15km from kijal. to go on a cruise, visitors can make arrangements with local tour operators.
  • Istana maziah (maziah Palace)
  • Chinatown
  • Rantau Abang Turtle Sanctuary

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