Lake Kenyir


Sprawling 209,199ha, Lake Kenyir is the site of Malaysia’s largest hydroelectric dam. Lake Kenyir is also an alternative gateway to Taman Negara, a magnificent national park. this entryway to Taman Negara is commonly referred to as the Tanjung Mentong entryway.

Lake Kenyir’s location on the fringes of Taman Negara makes it a thriving playground for small animals, snakes and birds. the rugged terrain, streams, waterfalls, caves and submerged forests make it an excitingdestination for eco-adventures and water sports.

At the southern end of the lake lie Gua Bewah and Gua Taat, two intriguing caves. the former was the site of archaeological discoveries with artefacts such as axes, tools and utensils dating back to the neolithic age. Gua taat on the opposite is smaller in size but contains interesting stalactite formations.

Visitors are advised to take note that fishing is only allowed at certain areas. Lake Kenyir is located about 55kmfrom Kuala Terengganu and the nearest town is Kuala Berang. Accommodation ranges from houseboats, lakeside resorts and floating chalets. visitors can reach Tanjung Mentong through the two jetties in Gawi and Jenangor. the motorboat trip cuts across Lake Kenyir in about 45 minutes.

Must do:

  • Explore the Taat and Bewah caves
  • Conquer the peak of Gunung Gagau (1,376m) for a view of the entire region
  • Go kayaking, canoeing or boating
  • Take a nocturnal tour to see wild animals and their footprints
  • Go mountain biking or rock climbing
  • Go angling to land a variety of freshwater fish
  • Visit the Herb Farm
  • Make a trip to the Lasir and Saok Waterfalls
  • Birdwatching

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