Yuit Cheong Coffeeshop Kota Kinabalu

Established in 1896, Yuit Cheong was one of the few shops found in Jesselton (now known as Kota Kinabalu). Yuit Cheong is considered one of the oldest coffee shops in town.

Yuit Chong remains a popular coffee shop for those looking to enjoy a quick cup of kopi O and home made buns especially during tea time. Yuit Cheong is also known for its satay, with a selection of chicken or beef. The tender skewered meat is not complete without the peanut sauce which complements it perfectly.

For individuals are just looking for a light tea time snack, there is always roti kahwin (you can order it freshly sliced or toasted). Roti kahwin (which literally translates to ‘married bread’) is a basic sandwich prepared with generous portions of butter and kaya (coconut jam). But the real magic is in the bread itself: a homemade recipe made from scratch – a family recipe that dates back to 1904!

Pair your food with their delicious Teh C (tea with milk) or Kopi C (coffee with milk). The taste of their Teh C and Kopi C is just right where you can taste the bitterness of tea or coffee and the mixture of the creamy milk. Other snacks that you can find in this coffee shop are the soft red bean paste pastries and ‘Lao Po Bing’ (sweetheart cake or wife cake).

Yuit Cheong is all about authentic kopi, family-owned recipes and a true local kopitiam feel that spans generations.

Address: 50, Jalan Pantai, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Tel: (6) 088-252 744
Business hours: Daily 6am – 7pm

Kampung Nelayan Floating Seafood Restaurant

While you are dining in the Kota Kinabalu’s only lakeside floating seafood restaurant set within a lush botanical park – Kampung Nelayan Floating Seafood Restaurant, you will witness, experience and take part in live traditional dance performances and ritual performed and demonstrated by the “1Malaysia Cultural and Variety Show”.

Picturesque by day and breath taking at night, the traditional Malay architecture adds to the charm of the floating restaurant. It serves an abundance of only the freshest seafood, meat, vegetable and wine, as well as beautifully arranged and well prepared ala-carte and steamboat set menus, all served by attentive and friendly staff.

Although Kampung Nelayan Floating Seafood Market Restaurant is an open air eatery, VIP rooms complete with KTV facilities are also available upon request and advanced booking.

Nam Restaurant at Bon Ton Resort

An exotic fusion of western and eastern gourmet cuisine with asian spices – a variety of tastes for everyone.

Nam Restaurant is an award-winning dining room that has proven that it has a lot of staying power. Dishes here defy imagination, with a well-executed menu of Asian dishes boasting plenty of Thai influence: try its Nyonya laksa, a powerhouse of spicy, rich and thick coconut gravy broth.

Opening Hours: 11:00 – 23:00
Address: Bon Ton Restaurant & Resort, Pantai Cenang
Tel: (6) 04 955 6787 or (6) 04 955 3643

Restaurant hours are from 11am to 11pm.

Kedai Kopi Chung Wah

One of the Malacca’s most celebrated dishes is chicken rice balls. Kedai Kopi Chung Wah, a coffee shop located in Jonker Walk is a specialist in this delight. With lines of eager diners outside the property throughout its opening hours, Chung Wah is immensely popular, and for all the right reasons.

Interior-wise, the eatery embraces the Malaysian-style coffee shop decor – wooden chairs and marble-top tables occupy the floor space, with hawker stalls being used as workstations where food is prepared.

Chicken rice balls is the only item in the menu. They only serve steamed chicken, together with its super soft rice balls, and flavoursome chilli sauce. Chicken rice balls are an ideal dish to be had at any time of the day.

Capitol Satay

A well-known satay celup restaurant in Malacca City. Capitol is always packed with famished diners, please ensure to head there early to avoid a long queue. It offers more than 80 types of skewered seafood and vegetables, like chicken, cockles, abalones, fish balls, cuttlefish, and mushrooms, to vegetables, quail’s eggs, shrimps, and fried bean curds.