Bird Watching


From muddy mangroves to misty mountain ranges, Malaysia’s diverse tropical landscape teems with hundreds of resident bird species. The country’s location on the Australasian cross-migratory paths also makes it a host to 120 or so migratory birds. All in all, with over 600 species to be seen in the peninsula and about 580 species in Malaysian Borneo, Malaysia has emerged as a bird watching haven.

Well over half of Malaysia’s land mass is covered in rainforest environments or at least plantations. With the diversity of habitats, there are many places having abundant bird life to choose from. As the various bird watching and nature sites around the country are easily accessible, it is easy to understand why bird lovers are drawn to Malaysia.

Popular Sites

  • Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hill)(Mountain forest), Perak
  • Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary (Mangrove forest), Pera
  • Kuala Selangor Nature Park (Mangrove forest), Selangor
  • Cameron Highlands (Mountain forest),Pahang
  • Genting Highlands (Mountain forest), Pahang
  • Taman Negara (Lowland rainforest), Pahang
  • Fraser’s Hill (Mountain forest), Pahang
  • Lake Kenyir, Terengganu
  • Kinabalu Park (Mountain forest), Sabah
  • Kota Belud Bird Sanctuary (Lowland rainforest), Sabah
  • Danum Valley (Lowland rainforest), Sabah
  • Bako National Park (Lowland rainforest), Sarawak
  • Gunung Mulu National Park (Mangrove forest), Sarawak

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